Three Ways to Use Taste In Your Next Marketing Promotion

Three Easy Ways to Use The Sense of Taste In Your Next Promotion
Experiential brand development is about creating a brand that can be more than just seen—one that can be tasted, touched, heard and smelled…as well as seen. Doing your marketing with multi-sensory flair will contribute to a powerful, experiential brand that strongly differentiates your bank or credit union, and creates an experience that cannot be replicated.

For essential background on why you would want to incorporate the sense of taste into your next marketing promotion, be sure to check out Finding, Telling and Proving the Story, and CBC’s Experiential Brand Development Process, both available for PDF download.

Following are three simple ways to incorporate the sense of taste into your next marketing promotion. Go ahead: borrow these ideas, adapt them for your own brand, and start using the sense of taste!

Hold a Recipe Contest
Promoting credit cards? Try this: invite your customers, employees and the community at large to participate in a barbecue sauce recipe contest. You could hold the contest at your branch, invite everyone you know to a blind tasting of the entries, gather the votes, and crown the winner. Award the recipe-holder $1,000 credit on their new credit card account balance, and distribute the recipe—with credits given to the chef, of course—to customers via branch displays. Don’t forget to invite the media to the contest, they might enjoy such a photo-friendly and fun community event.

Hire a Mobile Espresso Service
Hold a short-term campaign to create buzz (pun intended) and a sense of urgency around a special “sale” or deal on your products or services. Let’s say you’re offering no closing costs on mortgages for any loan originated between 6 am and noon on a Saturday. Why not hire a mobile espresso service to caffeinate your early-bird customers when they come in to apply for their loans?

Custom-Label a Small Batch of a Coffee
Put your brand on a tasty product, and use that product as the center piece for your campaign. Umpqua Bank used to buy a few dozen cases of honey bottles from a local honey farm each summer, and put its own label on the bottles as part of their bee-themed Summer Swarm promotion. The bottles were used in displays in the branch, and were given as spiffs to account holders. It’s interesting, tasty and creates conversation in branches.

Go Get Tasty
Remember, your options for creating multi-sensory experiences are limitless—just be sure everything you do is highly relevant to your unique brand story.

New Position Paper Available
We’re proud to announce the publication of our newest position paper: The Decommoditization Manifesto, Part 1. Written for financial services Presidents, CEO’s and Directors of Marketing, the paper is the first in a multi-part series covering the challenge of doing business in a commoditized industry—and most importantly, how to break free from the confines of being a commodity. Download The Decommoditization Manifesto, Part 1 now.

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