Printed Marketing Collateral

Do you have branches full of tri-fold brochures with stock images and boring product descriptions, just sitting there waiting for someone to pick one up? Or does your staff have well-engineered marketing tools at their disposal that facilitate a sales conversation, and create a unique experience that proves your story?

Most banks and credit unions create printed marketing collateral out of habit, not strategy. That’s why when CBC creates marketing collateral, we ignore all the typical assumptions: they must be trifold, sit on a rack in the branch, contain product information, be printed on glossy paper, etc. We start with a clean slate, and ask ourselves two important questions:

  1. What is the brand story we’re trying to tell, and most importantly, prove?
  2. What is the physical context in which the collateral will be used, that will allow it to be most effective?

With the answers to these two critcal questions in our minds, we create collateral solutions from scratch, letting the form and design be driven by functionality and the brand.

When we develop a comprehensive marketing collateral system with multiple components, CBC fees are typically $15k to $25k. Get an estimate.