Digital Branding

Once you’ve got a solid brand strategy in place, and an innovative marketing strategy created to carry it out, it’s time to execute. CBC’s creative services are designed to help you continuously tell and prove your story on an ongoing basis.

CBC’s digital branding services include:

  • Website Strategy: Brand experience strategy for bank and credit union websites
  • Digital Touchpoint Audit: See if you are truly creating a Digital First experience for your current and prospective members

As you know, we’re banking specialists—we understand compliance needs, disclosures and all the unique touch points in banking: statement stuffers, online banking messages, ATM screens, deposit slips, etc.

Don’t forget: every touch point you develop is an opportunity to build an experiential brand, and must be approached from a brand strategy and marketing strategy point of view. If you just want a pretty wrapper on your traditional stuff, just call a freelance designer.

Think we’re a fit for each other? Let’s find out—request an estimate.