Simple bike love or great marketing?

by Andrea Arbuckle on June 4, 2009


I don’t usually participate in contests and marketing campaigns to win things and stuff (mostly because I don’t want people sending me junk mail and I just don’t feel like I have the time to waste). But when I saw this contest from Madsen Cycles, I totally jumped on it and have been working hard to get people to click the link to see this HOT bike. I’m sure Miss Shasta (my pup) would prefer this bucket over the recycling bin! She does look as ridiculous as her mother in that photo.

This give-away is smart, because Madsen is asking participants to essentially do their marketing for them, which is A) free and B) creates word of mouth. How’s it work? “It’s simple, just link to (using the options on the right) and on July 15th we’ll select two winners from those who have linked and sent traffic to us. You can also gain an entry by following us on Twitter, and subscribing to our email newsletter.”

What was it though that made me want to follow Madsen Cycles on twitter, sign-up for their newsletter and spam twitter by tweeting top trending topics with a link to Madsen’s website and write a blog about my adventures? I like bikes, I really want a cargo bike, I like to win, and I love the design of the website etc, but there must be something more, because I usually shun contests that ask me to essentially become a company spokesperson. Any insight? This might be worth some neuroscience research, or maybe its as simple as bike love.


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